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Click to access my all new style guide!!

Click to view all my tips and tricks for toddlers and photography!

Click here to see the locations that I typically go to for lifestyle family photography sessions!

Download my Lifestyle Family Session Prep Guide for more information on how to best prepare for your next photography session!

Tips on how to help Dad relax before a photography session!

DISCLAIMER! Since I work solely with natural light, there may be instances where mother nature may require that a session be rescheduled.  I try to wait until the last minute to reschedule sessions because weather tends to change minute by minute.  If this happens, we will schedule another date and time that will best fit your schedule. However, travel is limited to 20 miles away from Downtown Knoxville (accommodations may be made if location is outside this radius for an additional fee).

What can I expect from a session?

  • Since I am a natural light & lifestyle photographer, sessions are mainly on-location and are heavily focused on interactions and expressions.  My main goal is to creatively photograph the unique and sweetest moments for every family. The sessions are meant to be casual and relaxed (moms, I know this is tough).  Children are free to play and explore and have fun just being themselves.  I want you to walk away from the session feeling like you weren't stressed out trying to get everyone to behave. I aim to take images that aren't like everyone else's. I want these photos to be custom to you and your family.  My ultimate goal is to capture memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. 


I have a couple of ideas I’d like to use for my session that I've found on...(pinterest, facebook, instagram, etc.)...

  • My main goal is that you are happy with our session! If you find certain poses, or something that makes you say, "I have to have a picture like this," then I would love to collaborate together and come up with how we can make that happen. If it's important to you, it's important to me!  Please feel free to share your ideas with me!

Do you have any suggestions on what to wear to the session?

  • YES! I have compiled a complete style guide to help aid you into choosing your family's wardrobe for your next photography session with me! Click to access!

Do I need to bring anything (if on location)?

  • You should bring anything that they love!  If a favorite stuffed animal or toy makes your little one feel less shy, please bring it to the session. I usually always carry a Sophie or a toy that makes noise to grab their attention, but if you have something that you think will make them more comfortable, please bring it along! The more personal we can make your photographs, the more they will mean to you. Remember, it's not about looking like the perfect family, it's about being yourself and capturing these memories that too quickly pass by! Download my Lifestyle Family Session Prep Guide for more information on how to best prepare for your next photography session!

How long until my images are ready?

  • Your images should be ready within 10 days to 4 weeks, depending on the season. You can expect your edited digital files in your password-protected online PASS gallery with 10 year cloud storage! I will choose the images that I feel tell and show your story best.  These high resolution images can be downloaded, shared and printed directly from your password-protected gallery. This gallery replaces the need for CDs because the gallery provides cloud storage for 10 years with unlimited access. So if your computer crashes or you simply just cant find where they are, you can go back to the gallery and re-download them, even if its 5 years later!  I will usually post a sneak peek to Facebook or Instagram (unless requested otherwise) within a few days, so make sure you like/follow!

My child doesn’t really like getting pictures taken…

  • I completely understand, I have two children of my own and they don't always like camera in their face either.  I will take my time to find out what your kids like. If it takes talking about stinky feet or singing a silly song to get them to crack a smile, then that's what we'll do!

  • Please read this well-written article about Toddlers and Photography for helpful tips before your session!


I’m not sure where I want my pictures taken…

  • I know many people don't think of having a photography session in their house, but actually, the in-home sessions can be the best backdrop! Being comfortable in your own home, not having to drag the kids out and worry about being late, these are all reasons to let me come to you! I absolutely DO NOT expect to come to a house out of a Pottery Barn magazine. Having two kids of my own, I know the dangers of walking around the house not knowing what little figurine is hiding in the carpet. The kids toys and books scattered throughout the house tells the story of they way your life is at the moment. Cherish it! If you aren't in to the home sessions, think about if you and your family have a favorite spot to hang out? Do you enjoy trips to Target? Favorite park? Walking downtown through Market Square? These are just a few things to consider. If still no ideas arise, I promise we will come up with something together! If you want some visual inspiration, you can check out my locations blog post here!


Do you use any props?

  • Since a lot of my work is on location, I try to be creative and use nature and its scenery as my prop. I will usually bring a nice big quilt that we can use to lay on the ground for you to sit on, or to use for a family snuggle. If you have a specific prop in mind that you want to have to get a specific image, please share with me so we can work together to make it happen!

Can my other children be in a milestone session?

  • I find it best that the milestone session be exclusively for the child reaching the milestone since the session is roughly about 20 minutes.  If siblings are included, that is fine, however the session will most likely take a little longer, so I would recommend the Simple Session instead of the Milestone Session.  I want us to make sure we have plenty of time to get the images that you want!

For the Fresh 48, what if I deliver late at night, when do you come to the hospital?

  • If you deliver late at night, I will come either the following morning or early afternoon. Again, since I work with natural light, it is best to wait to for it to be daylight!

Where will my newborn session be held?

  • Newborn sessions are usually held in your home or at a location of your choice within travel limits. 


What exactly does my session gallery include?

  • Depending on what session you scheduled, your gallery will include anywhere from 10-50 fully edited high resolution images sent to you via a downloadable gallery with the print release. You have the option to print through me via the gallery website that I send you. These are printed through a professional photo lab and are very reasonably priced (starting at $0.99)  and are much better quality than printing at Sams, Walmart, Walgreens, etc which I HIGHLY discourage doing. There will be additional printing instructions sent to you when your gallery is complete.

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