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Harper's Milestone Photography Session at The Cove at Concord Park

7 month old little girl doing tummy time in grass for her milestone photography session with sweetest moments photography at the cove at concord park in knoxville tn
Knoxville Milestone Photography Session | The Cove at Concord Park | Sweetest Moments Photography

Harper's Milestone Photography Session at The Cove at Concord Park in Knoxville, TN with Sweetest Moments Photography

Meet sweet Harper. This girl came to her seven month milestone photography session at The Cove at Concord Park with so much seriousness and enough rolls to give Texas Roadhouse a run for their money!

She also made us work really really hard to get her to crack a smile long enough for me to capture it! Her mom, grandmother, and I spent about 10 minutes jumping up and down and being super silly and making crazy sounds for her to smile, but it wasn't until we had about 5 minutes left when she finally gave in an started showing us her sweet grin and personality; boy was it cute!

It's funny to me how kids know when they are being put on the spot! I think she knew as soon as she saw me and my camera that the morning was going to be all about her. I love it when kids are super smiley for their sessions mainly so I can capture their little grins and missing teeth, but I also love the serious faces kids give. I feel like it adds a sense of mystery and curiosity to the images and its such a sweet way to remember them at that point in their life.

My daughter is notorious for never smiling for the camera and that's okay. Her serious face is just as picture worthy as her sweet smile! I like to pride myself on letting kids be themselves smile or no smile. I always tell my families that the kids will run the show and we will always be on their time and that's so true. Having fun, creating memories of your kids in their season of life is why I do what I do and why I absolutely adore my job.

Below you'll see some of my favorite images from Harper's milestone photography session at The Cove at Concord Park!

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All images are captured at The Cove at Concord Park in Knoxville, TN by Knoxville Lifestyle Family Photographer, Sweetest Moments Photography. Sweetest Moments Photography specializes in lifestyle family, maternity, newborn, and milestone photography sessions servicing Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas.

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