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How To Help Dads Relax Before A Photography Session

dad in the nursery of his newborn baby boy holding him as he is swaddled in a blanket during his lifestyle newborn photography session with knoxville newborn photographer sweetest moments photography
Dad & Lincoln | Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session | Sweetest Moments Photography

How To Help Dads Relax Before A Photography Session by Knoxville Family Photographer, Sweetest Moments Photography

Let’s get right to the nitty gritty. Do you ever feel a little apprehensive to book a family photography session because your not sure how your husband will take it? Not that they will necessarily get mad or anything but perhaps they give you a little push back because they really just dread getting in front of a camera and “smiling.” Maybe they will say something like, "Babe, come on, do we really have to take more pictures!?"

Well I've got great news for you. Today I’m going to share with you a few tips to help your spouse lighten up to photography!

1. Let him wear something comfortable.

Now, let's talk about that for a minute. I don't mean let him come waltzing up to the family photography session in sweatpants and white tennis shoes but focus on choosing an outfit for him that he is comfortable in; this includes shoes as well. Lifestyle family photography sessions are very active, especially when there are children in the mix and we really want dad to be comfortable in what he is wearing so that he can move around and play with his kiddos.

2. Let him focus on you and the kids.

I'm going to be completely honest when I say this, I hardly ever make dad look at me and smile. Now, I do respect the fact that everyone usually wants that one picture where everyone is smiling so that they can send it to grandma and that's totally fine but that is not my focus. When I single out dad to get in some pictures with his kids, I feel like it's their automatic reaction to look at me and give me that fake cheesy smile. However, when I ask him to look at his family, look at his beautiful wife and children, his demeanor changes and you can see the happiness and love that masks his face because he is looking at the people that mean the most to him; his wife and kids. I always love the end product you get when you get dad and the kids together to just be themselves because it's all fun and games just like in reality; dads are the super fun ones and us moms are the nurturers and lovers. My focus of lifestyle family photography is to capture interactive images that tell your family's story and I find that I get so many genuinely happy images when I approach photography this way and in turn dads usually never have to look at me! Win-win.

3. Give him some extra time the day of the session to do something he loves.

Give your husband an extra few hours to do something he loves. Maybe let him read a book outside while you watch the kids, listen to music in some headphones, watch that football game he's been waiting for all week, take a nap, drink a cup of coffee on the back porch, whatever it is, make sure he gets a few hours to himself. I feel like sometimes it's overwhelming for dads to get mentally ready for photography sessions so giving him some personal space for a little while the day of the session should help his brain relax a little and get ready for a fun filled evening.

4. Make it an exciting family experience.

The day of a lifestyle family photography session can get downright stressful on everyone involved. I know that most of the time people are rushing to get off work after having had super stressful day, get home and run in the door to change, shove some food in your face and call it dinner, then run back out the door again to take photos. Instead of that, try to plan the session on a day where you know you can be free from deadlines and checklists. Work on planning it on a day you already have put aside to spend time with family so y'all can go with the flow of the day. I usually suggest making it a pretty lazy day. Watch some movies, snuggle, nap, do whatever it is that your family enjoys doing to relax. This is really important so that the kids aren't worn out from such a busy day that they won't want to participate in the session. Then perhaps after the session is over, reward your family with an ice cream trip or a small toy that they've been wanting. Again, make it an exciting experience that they'll want to do again and reward them for being awesome.

I hope that this helps ease the fear that dads get when the word "photography" is mentioned.

Compliments like these from dads are what make my heart happy!!

All images were captured in Knoxville, TN by Knoxville family photographer Hannah Bucklin with Sweetest Moments Photography. Sweetest Moments Photography specializes in lifestyle family, maternity, newborn, and milestone photography sessions serving Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas. Click here to learn more about the sessions and details that Sweetest Moments Photography provides!

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