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How to pick a location for your next photography session with Sweetest Moments Photography !

Large family snuggling on top of market square garage in knoxville tn for their lifestyle family photography session with sweetest moments photography by hannah bucklin
Sweetest Moments Photography | Lifestyle Family Photography Session | Market Square | Knoxville, TN

Once the family photography session gets booked with Sweetest Moments Photography, what's next? How in the world do you narrow down where you actually want to go for your family photography session?

This is one of the questions that I often get asked. Honestly, I usually suggest a few locations but the most important thing is choosing somewhere that tells your family's story the best! Is there a special place that you enjoy going together? Do you just like to have family time in your home? Or maybe you have a favorite dessert place you love to go grab some special treats together? These are all important factors when deciding your next family photography location!

For example, if you and your family love to be outside together you probably wouldn't want to go and have an indoor family session at a historical building. OR on the contrary, if you absolutely don't like being around water, you wouldn't want to pick a location that water is the primary scenery. If the location doesn't fit your family you aren't going to love your photos, no matter how beautiful they are.

I am going to let you in on a little secret and I'm going to be straight up and honest when I say this. Most of the time, our home is our happy place. Whether you built it, bought it, rent it, or reno-ed it, it's YOURS! This is the place where your memories are made, that keeps you safe at night, and that you work so hard at having. Doesn't it seem like a perfect place for photos?

I know sometimes thoughts of, "what if my house isn't photogenic enough," "what if my home is too small," what if..... None of those questions are relevant in the grand scheme of things. There are ALWAYS places to photograph your family in your home. Snuggled on the couch, reading books in the kids rooms, playing a family board game, hanging out outside, going for a walk around your neighborhood. There are literally endless options at a place that is probably one of the most important locations in your life!

So, all of that to say, if you just don't know where to go please consider just letting me come to you and save you the hassle of getting out of your home with said kid(s) and enjoy some time at a place you love! However, I know sometimes homes are a sacred place and if you choose not to have your next family photography session there that is totally fine, we will go somewhere beautiful and that helps tell your family's story the best!

Some of the places that I typically go are:

Seasonally go to pumpkin patches such as Oakes Farm* or Kyker


There is also a cute little field right by our subdivision that I had used for our summer family photography session that is also available for us to use if interested!

Again, being 100% transparent here, I do live in the Seymour area and I do have a small travel fee that I charge if I have to drive over 20 miles from my home. I have noted those locations with the (*).

If you ever have questions about planning your family photography session with Sweetest Moments Photography, please don't hesitate to reach out! My email is always the best way to reach me!

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