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Kannon's One Year Milestone Photography Session at Knoxville Botanical Gardens

little one year old girl in a bed of clover in a white onesite and pink tutu for her one year old birthday milestone session at the knoxville botanical gardens with sweetest moments photography
Knoxville Botanical Gardens Milestone Photography Session | Knoxville Family Photographer | Sweetest Moments Photography

Milestone Photography Session at Knoxville Botanical Gardens with Sweetest Moments Photography

I can't believe it's already been a whole year since this sweet little girl was born! It literally feels like yesterday when I met Kourtney and Damien at Melton Hill Park for their maternity session and now here we are celebrating their daughters first birthday!

We decided to meet for Kannon's first birthday milestone session at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens because honestly, it's probably my favorite place to go for lifestyle family photography sessions here in Knoxville. The Knoxville Botanical Gardens are so versatile and can fit just about every need you would have for a photography session. Woods, flowers, stone, paths, etc. The list goes on and on. Kourtney came packed with ideas and outfits and it was so much fun! Lifestyle family photos, sibling shots, mirror setup, cake smash, fruit bath, and a ride on her new four wheeler is what the evening entailed! We had so much fun capturing all of Kannon's personality and love for her brother and sister for her first birthday, especially when they all shared her cake!

I would have to say the highlights of the evening was that she would rather have her bows off than on, she preferred to eat her cake face first, the water for her fruit bath was too cold but the flavor of the fruit was just right, and she ended the night by taking a joy ride on her battery operated four wheeler! I don't know about you but I had no idea these even existed for kids this little and I'm now convinced that my littlest guy needs one because it has got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Capturing sibling interactions and how much joy they give one another is so special to me from a mother's perspective and as an only child. If I were to have had siblings, these are the photos that I would have wanted at their age! Doing photography milestone sessions can often feel overwhelming with all the work that it takes to coordinate with all the things you want to bring but the end product is worth it! Since I am lifestyle based, I don't bring any props other than quilts or blankets with me to my sessions. Even though that's the case, if there are ever any props that you want to bring and have included in your session please let me know and we will incorporate them in some way, shape, or form! When I have families that have props they want to use, I prefer going to locations where your car and your sanity are within close reach:)

Since we chose the ever versatile Knoxville Botanical Gardens for their session, we were able to find the most perfect and beautiful spot on the 40 acres of land where we could park within feet of where we were shooting at. I felt like that was a huge relief on everyone! My goal for our sessions is that it's easy and as stress free as possible so having such a convenient and beautiful location to choose from, we were able to capture three times as many images as we would have if we were somewhere else!!

I want y'all to know that being able to be the one you have chose to capture your family and all your sweetest moments is such an honor and I appreciate each and every one of you beyond words. Thank you for helping my dreams of capturing beautiful families and timeless memories come true !!

Also, I wanted to do a little throwback and show you some images of Kannon from her first trip around the sun and some of my favorite images from her milestone photography session at Knoxville Botanical Gardens in Knoxville, TN.

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All images were captured at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens in Knoxville, TN by Knoxville family photographer, Hannah Bucklin, with Sweetest Moments Photography. Sweetest Moments Photography specializes in lifestyle family, maternity, newborn, and milestone sessions serving Knoxville and surrounding areas. Click here to learn more about all the different sessions that Sweetest Moments Photography has to offer!

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