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Meet Me! Knoxville Family Photographer Hannah Bucklin and my WHY!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

lifestyle family photographer hannah bucklin with sweetest moments photography in knoxville tn
Hannah Bucklin | Knoxville Family Photographer | Sweetest Moments Photography

Meet Me, Knoxville Family Photographer, Hannah Bucklin with Sweetest Moments Photographer and My Why!

Hello! Happy Friday to all y'all! Thank you so much for taking a moment out of your busy lives to read my first ever blog post! Here it goes!

​ My name is Hannah Bucklin and this my family. Daddy Mason (my husband and our rock), little Mason who is our oldest at 3.5, Rosalind a.k.a Rosie (goes back and forth, it really depends on the week and what she wants to be called) is 2, and Braden who's nickname is little goo-goo-guy is six months old. You will usually always find me looking like this (see picture below) with these three little monkeys hanging on me in some way, shape, or form.

From childhood to adulthood, photography has played such a vital role in my life and I bet it has in yours too! Think about it..did you ever go to a family member's house and whip out those old family photo albums that were so heavy you had to have help carrying them? What about the smell of the old paper pages? Maybe you remember going to get your roll of film developed and were given a complimentary plastic photo album to place your images in for keepsake? I remember when I was around 7 years old, we had a hall coat closet and at the bottom there were four huge boxes of old photo albums; I would guess there were at least a hundred of them. I would drag those boxes into my room, dump them out and spend what seemed like an entire afternoon looking through those albums with my parents and seeing our family’s past as if it had been frozen in time. My mom and dad would sit there for what seemed like hours showing me pictures of our past. Pictures of when my parents first met, their first prom, the first time my mom held me as a baby. They taught me about relatives I hadn’t met or of which I had very little memory, they showed me what my first Christmas looked like in our home, me taking my first steps, and the list goes on and on and on. I cherished these conversations and quality time so much, and to this day that is what I love most about taking pictures--the story behind the photos. These early conversations got me interested in taking our own family photographs so that our kids can also have the opportunity to look through their own family photo albums and one day appreciate the stories associated with them.

I was 12 years old when I got my first “real” camera. It was a Polaroid instant film camera. I was stoked. I took pictures of just about everything. Honestly, I think it annoyed some people but that’s okay! Can’t please everyone! Since then, I have always carried a camera with me. I started with the old-school disposables, then instant film, a point and shoot, next up was a camera phone, then my first DSLR. I can still remember anxiously waiting for my parents to take me to Walmart so I could drop off my film at the photo department and wait DAYS for my pictures to be developed. I am SO glad that technology has advanced since then! Thank God for social media and instant uploads!

My true love and passion for photography shifted gears once I had children. In 2014, I graduated from Murray State University with my Bachelors in Science in Nursing. I accepted a job and moved to Knoxville, TN to start my career being a nurse in the Emergency Department at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. There I met and married the man of my dreams and have since had the opportunity to stay home with our kiddos and start my photography business! The saying, “time flies when you have kids,” is no joke. I literally felt like I have blinked twice and my firstborn will be FOUR in May. That is why I feel like photography is so important. Preserving the memories while you’re making them, freezing these moments in time. It may be that your little one is taking their first steps so you grab your phone and snap a picture, or it may be the big first birthday and you choose to splurge and hire a photographer to capture all the cuteness that a one year old brings(i.e the infamous “cake-smash"). Regardless, having those pictures to reflect back on in 10, 20, even 50 years from now and seeing all those sweet moments that you captured then is SO worth it. You are leaving a legacy for your children, and their children for generations to come.

My goal as a family photographer is to be able to provide you and your family with family photographs that define your family in the now. Family snuggles on a blanket in your favorite park, horse-playing with dad on the living room floor, rocking your sweet baby to sleep in the nursery that you worked so hard on, the memories are limitless! Every family has their own unique story to tell, and I am here to help you capture yours! I want these pictures to bring you and your family joy for years to come.

I hope y'all enjoyed todays blog! If you want me to capture your family's story, click here today!

Interested in seeing my work? Click here to see my portfolio! If you want to know more about what an in-home lifestyle photography session is, check out my blog post, "What is an in-home lifestyle photography session?" to find out more!

Here are a few of my favorite flashbacks from my childhood! I would LOVE to see some of your faves!

The next paragraph is for google and for google to recognize that I am a real photography business in Knoxville, TN that offers a lifestyle approach to family photography in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas. This blog post is written by Hannah Bucklin, owner and family photographer of Sweetest Moments Photography in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas. In addition to family photography, Sweetest Moments Photography offers maternity, newborn, fresh 48, milestone, and customized sessions. Contact Knoxville, TN family photographer Hannah Bucklin of Sweetest Moments Photography today to book your next family, maternity, newborn, fresh 48, milestone, or custom session!

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Shannon! Thank you SO much for your sweet picture and kind words! Seriously, that is one of my favorites too because it really does capture y'alls personality so well! Y'all are so wonderful to work with and it's so fun watching your kiddos grow each year!! Thanks for letting me capture these sweet moments for y'all!


Shannon Bundgaard
Shannon Bundgaard
Jan 29, 2020

Hannah is absolutely my favorite! I am so glad that I found her, as she has managed to capture some of my favorite moments with my kiddos. She always manages to get photos that truly capture their personalities, and I love how patient she is! Having her photos for our holiday cards is my favorite part of the season. I can’t recommend her highly enough!



Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing one of your favorite images! That session was straight up perfection! I love this photo too! Everything about your family is amazing and it is always such an honor to have y'all in front of my camera!!! I hope you all are doing well!!


Alexa Eaton
Alexa Eaton
Jan 29, 2020

You truly have a gift! Thank you for capturing so many of our special moments! Picking just one favorite is so hard but I love this one.

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