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Simple Session at Knoxville Botanical Gardens

Family of three sitting down on a stone wall snuggled together for their fall family photography session with sweetest moments photography at knoxville botanical gardens in knoxville tn
Family Photography Session at Knoxville Botanical Gardens by Sweetest Moments Photography

Family Photography Session at Knoxville Botanical Gardens by Knoxville Family Photographer, Sweetest Moments Photography

Up on the blog this week is this sweet family of three who met me during golden hour at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens. I absolutely love photographing families. I know I know, obviously right? Well I tend to prefer the larger families with multiple children just because that's my life. However, when I look at these images of this darling family of three it takes me back to memory lane when my family was just a family of three and it's oh so sweet.

This little boy had my cheeks hurting from laughing the whole time we were together for their fall family photography session at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens in Knoxville, TN. At the beginning of the session instead of saying "cheese" like we are all ingrained to do, he said "chicken." This is by far the funniest thing a child has said to me in terms of smiling! I was totally rolling with it and loved it so much! It made his parents laugh, himself laugh, and obviously me laugh and laughing is fun so I was totally on board!

When we were a little less than halfway through the session, his mom told me the story behind "chicken." I was expecting the classic favorite food or favorite animal, but what she said made this even more funny. She said that one night they were watching Family Feud and Steve Harvey was asking the final question for the family to win; the question was, "What is Popeye famous for?" and apparently she said "Chicken" while doing a little victory dance. Well, she got it WRONG! Popeye is famous for spinach, Popeye's the restaurant is famous for chicken. Apparently this made the whole family crack up and now it's a little inside joke! I love it. Let's just say that I probably would've gotten super excited as well and said chicken too; so tricky!

Anyways, that was the story behind chicken and it made for great fun during their fall family photography session! Below I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite images from all things "chicken" and snuggles at their family photography session at Knoxville Botanical Gardens in Knoxville, TN by family photographer Sweetest Moments Photography.

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All images were captured by Knoxville family photographer, Sweetest Moments Photography at Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum. Sweetest Moments Photography is a featured Knoxville family photographer and specializes in lifestyle family, maternity, newborn, and milestone photography sessions. If you are interested in learning more about Sweetest Moments Photography and the services provided to Knoxville and the surrounding areas, please click here!

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