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What You Should Wear for Your Spring Photography Session

With warmer temps, open windows, chirping birds, more daylight, and a later sunset, comes the bittersweet signs of Spring. I don’t know about you, but I have been long over this East Tennessee Winter weather and have been yearning for the Spring season for what seems like forever. Spring is a close second for being my favorite season here in Knoxville, Tennessee, with Fall (for obvious reasons; football & foliage) being my first.

Have you already booked your family’s Spring photography session or are you thinking about it? If so, you will want to check out my tips (“the three C's”) for planning the perfect outfits for your Spring photography session.

What are "the three C’s?” COORDINATION, COMPLIMENT, & COLOR.

These are the trifecta when it comes to not only planning for Spring outfits but also for any photography session in general. Let’s start by focusing on coordinating outfits instead of matching. Start by picking a “main” color that you want to display in your photos and then then find different textures (lace, knit), patterns, layers (denim jackets, scarfs, cardigans), and different variations to compliment that color.

Some of my favorite colors to photograph are the neutral tones; creams, grays, & beiges. They photograph so beautifully and I will honestly say that I feel like they compliment faces so well. When you wear neutral tones, they seem to reflect a certain elegance and since of timelessness in photographs. Instead of the emphasis being on crazy fluorescent colors and patterns, the focus of your images will then be on you and your family and the interaction and memories that you made during your family photography session. You can always dress neutrals up by subtlety adding different layers and textures and with small splashes of color.

Below are some examples of some beautiful Spring family photography outfit ideas.If you haven't booked your Spring Mini Session, you can learn more about them and book here!

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