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Do You Really Need to Book Milestone Sessions?

Darling grins, gorgeous blue eyes, and let's not forget to mention those sweet cheeks! This is just one of my favorite images from Kannon's 6 month milestone photography session that I traveled to Greeneville, TN this week for. You can seriously tell just how contagious her little personality is when you look at this photograph. Often, I think that the busyness of parenthood makes us loose track of time and we literally just forget to schedule these milestone sessions with a professional photographer. The whole purpose of milestone photography is to freeze time and document these special milestones that our children are reaching so quickly. My goal for a milestone session is to focus on capturing the child as they are with their details and all. Hair, toes, eyes, grin, facial expressions, etc. Capturing these things are important so that we can reflect back on these images and remember these sweet moments that only happen once in a lifetime.

If I can be completely transparent, yes, I think documenting 3,6,9 & 12 month milestones are important, however, I know life happens and that is a lot of photo sessions to plan for, especially if you have more than one child, but the newborn, 6, & 12 month sessions are an absolute must! Don't get me wrong, the more milestone sessions the better, but I am also trying to be realistic for the mom that has a lot on her plate and a lot to do (which is basically all of us:)). So many changes happen during these milestone transitions whether we want to believe it or not.


First is the newborn stage. Newborn sessions are made for capturing all the newness that a little bundle of joy brings to the family, whether they are your rainbow after a storm, your first son or daughter, your third born, or even the amazing gift of adoption and bringing that child that has longed for a loving family and home like yours. It is so important to make the time and schedule these sessions.


You blink and then three months pass by, then they're starting to realize they're human like you but just an extra small version. They start making those cute coos and find their voice, are becoming masters of tummy time, probably starting to teeth, and think ceiling fans are interesting.


Then you sneeze and six months have passed by and they are finally learning to sit up. They're smiling and making all the cute expressions, hopefully sleeping through the night, holding their own bottle, and starting to eat baby food.


Then you blink again and it's nine months later and they probably have at least two teeth, they're probably crawling or perhaps starting to pull up and are in to everything they shouldn't be.


You go to sleep and after a full nights rest you wake up and your not so little baby is now ONE. You walk in their room, they are standing or maybe jumping in their bed anxiously awaiting for their favorite human (you) to get them out of their bed so they can start their day. They may be starting to creep along the couch or are attempting those first steps, maybe they have a mouthful of teeth and can't wait to bite into that really expensive cake you got them for their cake smash, or just maybe they are already going to be a big brother or sister. That my friends is how fast time goes.

This has happened to me twice now and every time we reach that first birthday I basically start crying as soon as my eyes open. Once so small and new, now full blown toddler. One of the most beautiful parts of parenthood is being able to watch our kids grow up. It literally happens so fast and it only happens once and it's scary. Especially knowing that we won't get these days back, ever. That is why it is so important that we capture these times that are happening now! Having those pictures that tells their story, helping us remember the days of team no sleep, the baby-proofed home thats guarded better than Fort Knox, the amazing journey of childhood. These days are short lived and before you know it instead of hugging our babies and welcoming them into the world, we will be hugging goodbye as we send them off to college.

So, to answer the question, "Do You Really Need to Book Milestone Sessions," my answer is an absolute YES!

Just in case you need a visual; here are some before and after's of Kannon at her newborn session and her six month milestone session! Slide to see the the change of six months!

Are you ready to learn more about what all a milestone session includes or are you ready to take the next step and book your child's milestone session? Click here to learn more! If you want to see more of what milestone sessions look like, click here! Want to know more about me, your friend and family photographer, click here.

All images capture by Knoxville family photographer Hannah Bucklin with Sweetest Moments Photography located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Sweetest Moments Photography specializes in natural light lifestyle family photography, maternity, fresh 48, newborn, and milestone photography servicing Greater Knoxville and also traveling to surrounding areas. Want to see more? Click here to see more!

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